Certificates of Compliance


Now available Certificate of Compliance for Electric Fences!

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All houses when being sold need to have a C.O.C to show the buyer that all the electrical wiring and connections in the property are compliant and safe for the users.

The C.O.C only lasts for 2 years after which it becomes Nnll and void and would need to be done again if your house is on the market again.

The other time you need is C.O.C is when you have made changes to your property and you need to let your insurance know it is safe and complaint, such as generator installations as well as backup power supplies that have been wired into your distribution board.

An average house of 3 bedrooms will take about 4 hours to complete a full C.O.C, the testing includes:

  • Checking all plug circuits
  • Checking all light circuits
  • Checking earth leakage tripping point
  • Testing all earthing on the property
  • Testing all insulation on the property
  • Testing of continuity on circuits
  • Checking of connections of external power sources (generators and inverters)

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