Electric Fencing


Having an electric fence is your first line of defence in the security of your property.

This means that it should always be in 100% working order, so that you are able to rely on the fence to let you know of the possibility of a potential perimeter breach.

We offer a maintenance service on your existing fence or we can install a new fence and arrange a maintenance schedule to make sure that your fence is always in working order.

Fences cannot be just put up and forgotten about, they need to be constantly checked to make sure no foliage is growing close to the fence that could cause a false alarm and that the wires are always taught and not corroded. We offer a service of coming on a 2 month basis to make sure that the fence around the property is working and that the energiser is in working order.


We also do new installations of fencing or upgrades to your existing fence system.


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