Solar installations

With the current electricity supply problems and also from a renewable energy point of view. Solar installations are the future of a country that has ample sunshine year round to cover your requirements.

Solar is a silent more environmentally friendly way to supply your household or business with worry free energy.

We offer various types of solar installations. The most popular being the off grid solution where the set up allows the user to be completely free from the utility grid and run there non heating appliances from an inverter, battery bank and solar array. Or the Grid tied option, which has an array of PV panels and a utility input but can have the option of battery backup as well. This option however needs the utility as a main input to work at its best capability.


Packages offered:

We can offer varying sizes of packages from a small start-up set all the way to running majority of the appliances in your home. These packages will give you the ability to run fully off grid for 1 day without any charge allowing for the possibility of rain and heavy cloud cover.

A basic set consist of:

  • Inverter
  • PV panels
  • Battery bank
  • Isolators and change over switches
  • Battery rack

All systems will need to be quoted on an inspection of the required installation.

We are also able to offer a COC for these installations for all insurance requirements.


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